Ghanaian Educationist and Technology Entrepreneur Caroline Esinam Adzogble, has launched an innovative platform where quality education can be accessible to everyone.

The move known as  Admissionin30minutes is leveraging technology to ensure that international student recruitment is done in a fast and convenient manner.

According to Caroline, her outfit will ensure that the robustly built platform that allows students located in all continents to connect with schools all over the world with a one-click apply option is provided.

The app which is downloadable on the App Stores is currently available to students located in 146 countries.

It allows students to search for education and scholarship opportunities, apply and receive offer letters within minutes.

The initiative which seemed impossible from the beginning surprisingly has over 40+ University partners and over 2000+ applications already processed on the platform.

According to Caroline, her latest development seeks to make international student recruitment fun and less stressful.

“I wouldn’t want students waiting weeks on admission offers neither do I want Institutions taking weeks to decide on student’s applications.

“Research shows that it only takes about 15minutes to decide on a student’s application and I am leveraging on this fact to provide the platform for both students and Institutions worldwide,” she said.

The platform is set up with a well define value proposition and offering that benefits different players in the educational ecosystem.

It has a vision to make Education the most accessible to students located in over a 146 countries, a mission to bridge the gaps for International Student Recruitment and a set of comprehensive goals.