15-Year-Old Inventor Prepares to Build a Flying Helicopter Controlled by Remote

Hope Emmanuel Frank

From the Akwa Ibom state of Nigeria comes a 15-year-old inventor looking become the greatest of all time.

Hope Emmanuel Frank doesn’t live in luxury, he has little to no access to the kind of resources others take for granted.

His popularity rose when he built a miniature excavator and tipper truck with very simple materials he could find.

He used syringes and tubing to mimic the hydraulic system of the vehicles and a change over switch with old laptop batteries to power the vehicles’ movement.

Not willing to rest on his laurels, he has already picked out his next project

Hope intends to build a working payload and a flying helicopter that will be controlled by a wireless remote.

Given his young age and his accomplishments, it seems fair to say that this boy has a very bright future ahead of him. According to Emmanuel, there are lots of innovations in the pipeline and as a result Tech lovers should tighten their seat belts as he prepares to thrill them.