Effortlessly stylish, understated and compact, the new Nokia 5.1 is an eye-catcher as its signature aluminium unibody design is refined to achieve ultimate quality, style and feel in the hand; while still retaining the rigidity and reliability you expect of a Nokia Android smartphone.

The current buzz among those who have purchased the phone is that it is an exceptional phone experience

Here are top 5 reasons why the Nokia 5.1 is worth your Cedis

  • Nokia 5.1 comes with a high resolution 5.5-inch Full HD+ display in 18:9 aspect ratio, making watching your favourite content – be it browsing the web, watching ‘Kejetia vrs Makola’ , sharing funny memes or gaming – a delightful experience.
  • You can capture more detail of what matters in your life with its upgraded 16MP rear camera with phase detection auto-focus and wide-angle front camera. Nokia 5.1’s fingerprint sensor is at the back of the phone so you can unlock it with your index finger.
  • Nokia 5.1 delivers a smoother all-round performance that is 40% faster and more powerful than the previous generation so you can create, edit the photo you took at Kofi’s wedding and multitask effortlessly.
  • Nokia 5.1 has three years of monthly security patches and two years of OS updates, as guaranteed in the Android One programme. This puts the new Nokia 5.1 among the most secure phones out there, always up to date with the latest Google services like the Google Assistant and Google Photos with free unlimited high-quality photo storage.
  • To put a bow on it, the Nokia 5.1 comes in Copper, Tempered Blue and Black; storage/RAM of 2GB/16GB all in a satin finish which will surely impress all your friends. It is available to purchase from GHS808.