The recently launched Huawei Y7 Prime 2019 is fast becoming the toast of many phone users across the country.

The all-new sleek phone with funky design and very appealing colours, combines many features that put the user at the best advantage.

The phone has a larger display (Dewdrop 6.26) compared to many phones in its category and it takes some of the best selfies a mobile telephone could take. And to add, it has a longer battery life and when you pre-order, you get amazing gifts.

Here are some of the reasons why you need to get yourself a Huawei Y7Prime 2019 now.

Funky Trend Colours
HUAWEI Y7 Prime 2019 is Huawei’s latest budget phone addition to the market. Y7 Prime 2019 comes in three energetic colors: Aurora Blue, Midnight Black and Coral Red. The back of the device is ceramic and is coated with polycarbonate, which is resilient against day-to-day wear and tear. It means, your Y7 Prime 2019 won’t look old any time soon.

6.26“ Dewdrop Display
The HUAWEI Y7 Prime 2019 gets a huge upgrade in terms of looks. It features the premium HUAWEI Dewdrop display where the front camera is housed into a tiny pearl notch, to ensure the symmetry of the frontal view and to provide a 6.26 inch screen that provides a high quality entertainment experience whether the user is using the device for video or gaming purposes.

And since young people tend to spend more time in front of their mobile phone screen playing games or watching videos, Huawei has added a protection mode, if enabled, adjusts the colors of the display and reduces the intensity of the blue light – which research studies claim to have a negative effect on our eyes.

4,000mAh Battery
Huawei has added a large 4,000mAh battery to this mid-market phone segment. The aim is to provide users with up to two days’ worth of usage so they are worry-free about running out of power. Huawei even says this device retains at least 80 percent of its full capacity even after 700 recharges, which technically means the phone is still reliable even after two years of normal use.

The phone comes also with the pre-installed app Phone Manager, that identifies which apps are consuming the most of the battery, so users know and close down these apps and optimize the performance of their device.

16MP Selfie Camera
Huawei has integrated a 16MP front camera into a small notch that is situated on the vertical axis of the device. Huawei says people face some difficulties when they want to take a selfie, that the shutter button may not be reachable and it is even sometimes a hassle to tap the screen even if we are using a selfie stick.

So Huawei has equipped this phone with two easy ways to take selfies: Gesture Control and Smile Detection. How they work is like this:
If the Gesture Control is enabled, users can snap a selfie by just opening or closing their palm in front of the camera. Otherwise, users can say “cheese” and the camera will snap a selfie. It feels like an automatic selfie.

AI Camera
On the back, there are two cameras: 13MP+2MP. The primary 13MP camera has a wide aperture of f/1.8 with 16 virtual f-stops to provide granular controls over depth of field effects. In Aperture Mode, users can get a soft bokeh around objects by turning up the aperture, and a round crisp image if they lower it. This is a simulated effect and it can be applied before or after the fact.

The Master AI on HUAWEI Y7 PRIME 2019 has got an upgrade. Huawei says it can recognize over 22 different categories and more than 500 scenes. And if it is enabled, the AI can recognize the subject we are pointing the camera to and adjusts the parameters to get the best results.

Biometric identification
Huawei equipped this device with Face Unlock 2.0. It works like this: Users set up their profile following on-screen instructions; the device can authenticate the identity of a user and unlock the device quickly. For extra security, facial credentials are saved locally and never leave the device.

Furthermore, there is also the fingerprint sensor technology, which, Huawei says, allows users to unlock the device in less than 0.37 seconds. The fingerprint sensor also supports multiple functions, such as to take photo/video, stop alarm, answer call, browse photos or show the notification panel.

Pre-Order and Enjoy Free Gifts
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Overall Impression
HUAWEI Y7 Prime 2019 is a great phone to have. It comes with a big screen display, 16MP selfie camera with innovative ways of triggering the shutter (what some are already calling “automatic selfie”), a battery with longer lifespan and effective biometric identification tools.

It looks and feels great and it is only priced at 829GHC.