Mr. Cecil Nutakor in a discussion at Citi Fm on the topic “Blockchain Applications Beyound Bitcion And Cryptocurrency” said the government of Ghana could exploit blockchain and make use of it in several ways to ensure transparency and reduce crime.

According to him, blockchain although previously was used for cryptocurrency transactions only, could be used in diverse ways.

This he said, could also help the country attain it’s goal of going digital and paperless.

He mentioned during his submission that, the government of Ghana could use blockchain to store information at the birth and death registry, schools, passport office, and national identification authority amongst others.

According to him it will help eliminate problems like fake documentation, and ghost names appearing in the database.

This is because blockchain will help synchronize all accounts which have information about a particular individual and as such, the moment an individual dies, and its reported, the technology takes out the name of the person from the database which reflects in other areas as well.

He mentioned that, in terms of the verification of identity and documents, blockchains transparent nature could help achieve that task easily as it is difficult for individuals per their own resource to hack into the system and altrate already existing data.

He said blockchain could be employed in the management of school credentials as it will prevent people from possessing fake documents.

This he says, is because once an educational document is brought for verification all the individual needs to do is to log in the details of the person and from there have access to every information concerning him or her.

This includes the number of credit hours the person did, the courses he or she did, the grades of the individual as well as the social life of the individual.

Mr. Nutakor explained that with such a system, data is always safe as issues like flood and fire outbreaks won’t affect stored data.

Individuals who craft fake documents will also be easily exposed easily.

He said although BLOCKCHAIN could help the country solve diverse problems, its creation demands huge capital investment.

However blockchain if used by government could ensure transparency, access to trusted information , easy verification of documents and the reduction of crime in the country.