A renowned Linux innovator has developed a new mobile operating system, called “Project eelo,”.

This, he said is to provide a level of data privacy that traditional Android and iOS devices fail to offer.

According to Gael Duval, the creater of Mandrake Linux, “The new eelo system will allow mobile phone users to regain control over their personal information at a price they can afford,”

He also revealed that, more than 2,000 people have registered at eelo.io since December 20 in response to his posted updates.

The new eelo project is a fork of the LineageOS; an open source system that runs mainstream Android applications.

The project, which calls for the developers to sell preloaded eelo smartphones and provide some premium services, will run as a nonprofit.

It will also welcome contributors since it is a community project.

The developers according to him, will release privacy-enabled smartphone ROMs, as well as smartphones for ordinary users, with associated Web services.

After deciding to leave Google and Apple for eelo, Duval said he received more than 6,000 reads from a couple of articles he posted detailing his plans.

They have been testing custom builds of LineageOS/eelo on the LeEcho Le2 — a 5.5-inch smartphone with a 1080 x 1920 pixel screen, 3G RAM, 32 GB storage, a finger sensor on the back and a 4K camera — for about Pounds130, and on a Xiaomi Mi5S.

The developers plan to have downloadable ROMs for a range of devices this year 2018, as well as a limited number of post-market Flashed devices.