Huawei and Mauritius Telecom have won the Most Innovative Product or Service Award at this year’s AfricaCom. The companies won the award for the my.t 360° digital operation.

The innovative solution, developed as a partnership between Huawei and Mauritius Telecom, combines the latest technologies in customer experience management and intelligent operations to digitise the full journey of each Mauritius Telecom customer providing 360° real-time, automation, multi-dimensional customer insight to drive customer satisfaction and revenue growth.

As is the case with most large network operators today, Mauritius Telecom offers a broad portfolio of products and services in MBB, FBB, TV and Fintech managed by different departments and systems. While each of these products is valuable to its customers on its own, they offer much greater value when presented as a holistic offering.

Using advanced big data systems, automation and combining multiple siloed systems, the my.t 360° solution presents a holistic view of customers, their behaviour and service levels while correlating it real-time with the network resources. At the same time, customer data and privacy are protected and never compromised.

As a result of implementing the solution, Mauritius Telecom was able to handle customer complaints 50% more efficiently, improve user experience, and take its Net Promoter score to 55, which is considered excellent in the industry.

“Over the past few years, our CEO has been motivating us to go beyond the traditional management of a network to be a more agile, proactive, and customer experience-focused network,” said Mauritius Telecom CTO Girish Guddoy on accepting the award. “We have been setting the foundation with the my.t 360° project, we will now be able to have a 360 degree view of the customer, proactively identify issues that impact service and generate automated real time data and relevant analysis for a truly efficient operation.”

David Zhang, Account Director of Huawei Mauritius said, “We are grateful for the innovative cooperation opportunity with Mauritius Telecom. We will continue to enable carriers through digitalization to provide better service experience for consumers.”

“We are proud to accept this award with Mauritius Telecom,” says Samuel Chen, Vice President at Huawei Southern Africa Region, “We believe that our customer-centric solutions have significant potential across Africa. The adoption of this particular solution as a catalyst for carrier organisational and digital transformation is becoming a significant factor in creating synergies, operational efficiency and improved services levels. This award shows how effective it can be, especially when carriers are as committed as Mauritius Telecom.”

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