KAD ICT Hub in collaboration with Coinfirm, a London-based blockchain company have launched the Africa Blockchain Lab in Nigeria.

The Africa Blockchain Lab aims at taking up companies focused on creating blockchain-based services and products for African economies.

It’s interest is in companies that are focused on financial inclusion and has already accommodated Kora.

Kora, founded in 2017 is a blockchain-based infrastructure for an inclusive financial system.

According to the Inclusive Growth Forum, “the Kora Network will provide access to identity, secure storage, money transfer, and marketplaces on a low cost, universal access platform accessible via SMS/USSD on feature phones, or with internet access via a mobile app, enabled by blockchain technology.”

Coinfirm’s co-founder and CMO Grant Blaisdell said : “A Silicon Valley out-of-the-box solution approach has generally not worked in regions such as Africa; it requires a ground-up, organic approach.”

He mentioned that, Coinfirm has successfully built leading blockchain solutions, the largest structured blockchain database and coverage, and the first blockchain lab for Central Europe.

According to him, they are going to do same with KAD ICT Hub, who share their vision of bringing transformative, blockchain-based solutions to African markets.

“We want to work and provide opportunities for African entrepreneurs working in one of the most exciting and disruptive fields today while bringing our own solutions like our AML/KYC platform and AMLT network” he said.

KAD ICT lab Launched in 2017, is an IT innovation hub that receives support from the Nigerian government.

It is based in Kaduna, Nigeria.

The hub has been working with Trudatum, Coinfirm’s blockchain-based data document verification platform, which Poland’s largest bank PKO Bank Polski has recently started to use.