African Data Centre will officially launch a new association called the “Association of Africa Data Centre” (ADCA) this year September 28.

It will take place at the Data Cloud Africa Summit in Marrakesh, Morroco.

The new platform will focus on investing, powering, connecting, and deploying data centers across the continent.

It will foster the development of the Data Center Industry in Africa, and create a strong industry body on the continent as well as internationally.

Some companies confirmed as members of the new Africa Data Center Association include Groupement Orange Services, ITA, NSIA Technologies, MTN, PAIX Datacenter, Rack Centre and Schneider Electric.

However, the event focuses on providing structured networking and business opportunity deals for members.

According to the association, it will give its members the opportunity to voice out their views as it could help improve its operations.

And this could in the long run, boost its development in Africa and across the world.

According to the CEO and founder of PAIX Data Centers, Wouter Van Hulten, his association is very excited  about the  continuous growth of the data center’s business in Africa.

He commended the organization for their effort, indicating that the move is a good one for an industry that has played a key role in Africa’s digital revolution.

According to the organizers, the Data Center Industry will be one of the pillars of the future African economic development, and several companies have already decided to join forces to create a Pan-African professional and sustainable association for the Data center industry.

This will provide a collective voice on the market to help the organization interact with African Governments on regulation and policies.

By: IreneA.Henyo/