AfriLabs has introduced 40 new tech hubs into its Pan-African Innovation Hub Network, giving a total of 100 across 30 African countries.

This has extended the company’s reach to six new countries; Morocco, Algeria, Somali, Côte d’Ivoire, Angola and Mali.

Anna Ekeledo, Executive Director of AfriLabs said in a press statement that the company was pleased with its continued success in expanding the network.

According to her, the company hopes for more hubs in the future.

“We started with 5 hubs in 2011 and we are now celebrating 100 members in 2018,” she said.

She however expressed her delight from the positive response received from network members as well as the tech and entrepreneur community.

Below are the new members of the network across the regions.

West Africa
iCODE Ghana, Founders Hub Nigeria, Innovation Growth Hub Nigeria, Passion Incubator Nigeria, Civic Foundation for Innovation Nigeria, Honode Hub Ghana, Aiivon Innovation Hub Nigeria, Uplift Hub Nigeria, Roothub Accelerator Systems Nigeria, Tentmaker Ghana, CoLab Nigeria, Tribe Nigeria, Digital Development Hub Nigeria, Olotu Square Nigeria, Diaspo Hub Mali, Impact Hub Bamako Mali, DoniLab Mali, ALFTech Hub Nigeria, BabyLab Cote d’Ivoire.

East Africa
Innovate Ventures Somalia, Mashinani Hub Kenya, Wired Startups Morocco, Eldo Hub Innovation Centre Kenya, Sahara Accelerator Tanzania, Nairobi Garage Kenya, Iris Hub Rwanda, Swahilipot Hub Kenya.

North Africa
Incubme Algeria, Cairo Hackerspace Egypt, Sylabs Algeria.

Southern Africa
Softstart Business and Technology Incubator South Africa, Green Innovation Hub, Zimbabwe, Y-BECA Youth Entrepreneurship Foundation South Africa, Injini South Africa, Shinga Entrepreneurship and Learning Hub Zimbabwe, iZone Hub Zimbabwe.

Central Africa
Altoufikh International Chad, NexGen Technology Center Cameroon, Kivu Hub Congo-Kinshasa.

Report by: Clara Doku