AirBnB, a US based home-sharing platform has been in Ghana for a while now.

The platform allows person seeking accommodation to find it in homes while persons with excess rooms in their homes can make money (up to 97% of charge with 3% going to AirBnB) by ‘renting’ out said space on the platform.

During the ongoing Africa Travel Summit at Langa in Cape, Mr Chris S. Lehane the Head of Global Policy and Public Affairs of AirBnB revealed that Ghana is among the top three fastest growing markets for AirBnB (a record of 141% growth in platform use).

This showed that more travelers were willing to experience these countries more by being a part of the country and living in homes with families as opposed to living in hotels.

Mr Lehane pointed out that this would be good for the tourism industry and could also serve as a means of improving the lives of local communities and ‘zongos’.

With the increase in adoption of AirBnB in Africa, this means that local communities and ’zongos’ can obtain some revenue by hosting travelers and helping in their travel experience.

This train of thought is a logical one because Mr. Lehane pointed out that Africa had registered over 3.5 million transactions on the AirBnB platform.

With AirBnB the people of Ghana stand a chance of making extra money.

The important fact to note is that this may not be restricted to only the cities, urban areas or even high-end communities but it is a wide free for all growth.

Rural areas and zongos also stand a great chance of sharing in this revenue generation because they can also provide travelers with a unique experience, one that could be more true to the experiences of the average person in the country, an experience many travelers would be excited to be a part of.

So if you are out there and have extra accommodation not in use, why don’t you just hop on the AirBnB platform and make some extra cash.