Restrictions of any kind stifle innovation and can dampen ones spirit. In the telecommunications sector for example, you may buy daily, weekly or monthly voice and data bundles and after a period of time it expires. But if you still have some talk time or data left, then why does it disappear after the time of expiry?

In a perfect world, when you go into a fuel station and fill up your car, does the fuel attendant of the station tell you to bring back what is left in the vehicle after a period? Of course not. So, why should voice and data bundles expire?

This is the plight of subscribers to mobile telecommunications services in Ghana today. Customers buy voice and data bundles; most of them lose their data and voice bundles at the end of the day, week or month if they do not use them.

Subscribers do not have the power and flexibility to enjoy what they have paid for, the way they want, without any restrictions. Expiry of voice and data bundles has become a grave concern to subscribers of telecommunications services. This is because the duration restriction that comes with the bundle makes them use it hurriedly, especially as the deadline approaches.

Thus, the desire of every subscriber is for the service provider to give them freedom and flexibility to use their bundles as long as they want without expiry. Customers need their data bundles to stay connected to family and friends and also run their businesses. Making consumer satisfaction the biggest item on their agenda, telecom operator AirtelTigo has beaten rivals to implement no expiry.

A year ago, the company introduced Big Time Data Bundles to give customers more data without the worry about when it will expire. That said, the company removed daily, weekly or monthly validity constraints. Consistent with its brand promise of making life simple for its customers, AirtelTigo has launched another innovative product called Fuse Bundles. This is a product of a six-month market research and customer feedback.

The product is one of a kind on the Ghanaian market and the company believes it is the right thing to do for its customers. The days when customers had to rush to exhaust their bundles before the expiry dates are over with the introduction of Fuse Bundles.

Clearly, Fuse Bundles give customers the freedom to stay connected with their family and friends and browse the internet without policing their voice and data bundles. There is also the flexibility and freedom to choose from three price points starting at 40 minutes to call all networks and 40MB of data to browse for just GHS2.

With Fuse Bundles, AirtelTigo has decided to give consumers exactly what they have been asking for years, and that is no expiry” on voice and data bundles.