Amazon in partnership with Coven Works, an ICT company, have made plans to equip 400 youth in West Africa with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data science skills.

The initiative, according to Mr Dunsin Fatuase, Programme Director of the company, will help educate millennials living in marginalised communities and connect them with high paying jobs.

According to him, the World Economic Forum (WEF) report on “Future of Work” ranks AI and data science high among skills needed for tomorrow’s jobs.

As a result, working with the AWS Educate programme, he indicated is a strategic move to improve the capacity of their AI engineers and add them to a global workforce.

He further indicated that, the initiative will enable them bring the most in-demand skill sets to the next generation of African builders and developers.

“We are building tomorrow’s workforce by empowering young people from developing countries with in-demand software engineering skills and matching them with high paying jobs,” he said.

He stressed that the company would ensure continued focus in upskilling youths in disadvantaged regions, provide cutting edge learning in data science and AI for Africa’s working professionals, as well as build tomorrow’s workforce.