The ARB Apex Bank Limited is expanding the coverage of its Automated Teller Machine (ATM) services in Ghana.

The bank will be issuing cards to rural and community banks (RCBs) for the convenience of customers.

According to the Managing Director, Mr. Kojo Mattah, the initiative is inline government’s agenda of moving the country to a cash-light economy.

Addressing an annual general meeting in Kumasi, he mentioned that management was committed to delivering quality service in order to withstand the stiff competition in the banking sector.

He also revealed that, a quarterly magazine christened ‘The Rural Banker’, which is expected to serve as the mouthpiece of all the RCBs, had been launched.

The bank, according to him, would be using this platform to tell the success story of the RCB concept.

Mr Mattah said, the banks would have the chance to inform their customers about their progress as well as their challenges in the bid to meet their demands.

He however appealed to managers of RCBs to ensure strict compliance in the payment of foreign remittances to avoid ‘call back’ of funds which would invariably lead to a burden on their profit or loss account.

Report by: Stephanie Horsu