The music industry has remained relatively traditional in its approach to things for decades now.

Artists are found by scouts and then they are signed and should they succeed they become the stars we know of today.

Along the way, technology began to influence the scope of music and slowly warped the context of ‘tradition’ when it comes to music.

With services such as Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud and many others, artists can reach far more consumers than the ‘traditional’ sale of records would, also new artists can be discovered with ease.

However the scale of things has increased a lot more in these recent times.

Asaii is a music analytics company that uses its algorithms to scour music streaming services and social media to help it discover “the next Justin Bieber” weeks to a year before they chart.

This means that their algorithms will be able to find new talents all over the world with the potential to become superstars in the music industry long before the world will realize this.

This also means that they can provide this information to music labels who can then go on to scout these talents.

Asaii announced it would be shutting down sometime on the 14th of October, 2018 but, Apple has saved the day.

Following Spotify -Apple’s rival in the music streaming business-move to allow rookie talents upload their music on its platform, Apple has made a move to acquire Asaii in a bid to improve its streaming capabilities.

So if you are a talented musician out there looking for your big break, maybe Apple will find you, thanks to Asaii.