Avanti Communications Group plc has announced its new project, Satellite Enablement for Disaster Risk Reduction in Kenya (“SatDRR Kenya”).

The project will enhance Kenya’s ability to plan for and respond to disasters.

The project, which was funded under the UK Space Agency’s International Partnership Programme (IPP), will provide secure mobile satellite communications via Avanti’s Ka-band satellite, HYLAS 2, for emergency situations.

Avanti has partnered with Torchlight Group Limited, Airbus Defence and Space (Intelligence), Global Radiodata Communications (“GRC”), the Red Cross Society in Kenya.

SatDRR Kenya will enable emergency responders and humanitarian organisations to act quickly and effectively on the ground, enabled by satellite communication.

The project will also provide earth observation data to improve Kenya’s pre, and post-disaster strategy and planning.

This according to them will allow end-users to access information on large-scale disasters such as floods and droughts.

SatDRR Kenya will also demonstrate how accurate remote sensing data can save lives, as well as reduce the social and economic impact on affected communities.

Access to satellite services will be underpinned by a capacity building and knowledge transfer programme.

This will help deliver sustainable benefits to the Kenyan Government and communities.

According to Sam Gyimah, UK’s Science Minister, the partnerships will help developing countries stand on their own  by building the capability to deal with specific challenges.

This according to him will also showcase the UK’s expertise and demonstrate the services and technology on offer from their leading space innovators.