Bankers Warehouse, working with Transtrack’s CashWebCommunity (CWC) software, has acquired the technology infrastructure to help increase their service quality.

This it says will also make core business processes more efficient.

The roll-out of the CWC software began within the Cash-In-Transit (CIT) division of Bankers Warehouse.

The company is looking to implement the software in their cash centers based on CWC’s best practices.

The CWC software will allow Bankers Warehouse to fully manage a bank’s ATM network and all the cash supply of retailers by connecting smart safes to the network.

At the same time, the forecasting and optimisation of ATMs and other cash points will be implemented based on CWC’s predictive algorithms and will result in running the most efficient cash supply train.

According to Mr. Victor Hammond, CEO of Bankers Warehouse, the implementation of Transtrack’s CWC software will allow Bankers Warehouse to offer modern and reliable cash services to clients efficiently.

“With this software we will ensure that we are able to achieve our company objectives and grow with our customer’s needs”, he added.

RonaldRonald van Vliet, CEO of Transtrack International expressed his happiness in working with Bankers Warehouse.

“They have made great progress in building their business and we are excited that we can support them in taking the next steps in their journey”, he said.

Bankers Warehouse has been involved in CIT operations since 2007 and is only one of two banks licensed to carry out both Cash Management and CIT operations in Nigeria.

Transtrack International is a market leader in the development of sophisticated software solutions for cash businesses worldwide.

Report by: Clara Doku