Thanks to the hard work of the GhanaThink Foundation, the 96th edition of BarCamp which also marks its 10th anniversary in Accra came off at the Central Cafeteria in the University of Ghana, Legon.

The free networking event, brought together driven individuals for a day of learning, sharing and mentoring under the theme “Responsibility, Not Entitlement”.

The event began with a speed mentoring session during which, participants were given 8 minutes each with experts in various fields such as Digital Marketing, Health, Software Development, Business and Finance amongst others.

Participants discussed topics and problems they were facing, after which they received advice and supports from mentors.

Next was the speeches from the various mentors and directors of GhanaThink.

Then, finally, the breakout session discussion in which participants broke into different groups to discuss various issues pertinent to the specific group.

In an interview with TechVoiceAfrica, Mr. Gameli Adzaho, a mentor from Global Lab Network, indicated that this BarCamp was an opportunity for the organization to celebrate and reflect on its ten years of progress.

“It’s very important for us to put our energy towards our future and the future of the country” he commented.

He indicated that, mentor and participant turnout were especially enthusiastic this year as all attendees were punctual and the interactions proved fruitful.

Looking to the future, BarCamp hopes to reach about 1.5 million youth per event in 5 years and significantly increase the number of new attendees.

“BarCamp seeks to ensure that in the next 10 years, about 2.3 million young people become progressive, proactive and patriotic.

“We believe that when we get this number of people to be in charge of our affairs, to become leaders who are focused on making change, and are more entrepreneurial with their mindsets, Ghana will become a place for us,” Duncan Gablah, Team Leader for GhanaThink Foundation added.

The event was sponsored by, TestHub and GH Election Promises.