The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 kicks off in Las Vegas and the hugely popular conference is shaping up to be more of an iterative event.

No major overhauls or groundbreaking gadgets are expected this time around. Instead, there will be improvements to existing services and products like PCs and smart home devices aplenty.

Evolution in processors are expected in the PC industry. The competition between Nvidia and AMD GPUs will be on major display as well as the adoption of Intel’s latest processors.

There’s also a good chance that the laptop industry has caught 5G fever too, so the first announcements of 5G-capable laptops to go along with the first wave of 5G phones is likely to happen this year.

Gaming mostly prefers E3 to CES for big reveals but PC gaming showcases from Nvidia and AMD are expected.

Also, Acer, Alienware, Asus, Razer, and others will be sure to drop product news and potentially show off some fun, if not ludicrous, new hardware designs.

CES 2019 will be another showcase for 8K TVs with very little 8K content ready to be played on them.

They will be dazzling to look at, sure, but the more important sets will come from LG (rumored to be preparing a consumer version of its rollable TV), Samsung, Sony, TCL, and others.

Foldable devices are expected to be a big thing this year.

Multiple device makers plan on showing off a foldable of some kind, though some of those demonstrations will be behind closed doors.

Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month is still going to be the big early-year event for phone launches, but CES will provide a tantalizing tease of what’s to come.

Beyond foldables, there will be phones with displays on both the back and front as well as the successor to 2018’s notch: the hole-punch camera.

CES 2019 begins next week.