Ghana has relaunched its Blockchain Union in the bid to understatnd how to utilize the technology, to positively impact the country.

An associate partner of China’s Chief Blockchain Union, Mr Libin indicated that, the technology will guarantee digital trust.

This according to him will help combat cybercrimes such as fraud, misrepresentation and the likes.

Hitting on the impact of the technology, Mr.Libin explained that it helps speed up and promote accountability in the day to day business transactions of organizations

According to him, the technology which serves as a storage and distribution network also helps reduce the risk of centralized corruption as well as hacking and its associated issues.

In an interview with the media, he revealed that the technology is rapidly taking over the businesses and sectors relevant for growth and development.

This includes areas such as health, agricultural, commerce, real estate, and finance.

Mr. Libin associated the takeover to some qualities the technology possesses in terms of flexibility, speed and mobility.

He added that, Blockchain will drive technology in the country to the next level when managed well.

He finally mentioned that although many technologies comes with riskes; the risk associated with the Blockchain technology is minimal and as such has become the new standard for doing business.

By:Stephanie Horsu/