New taxi-booking app CarXie is expected to create employment for about 36,000 Nigerians within 5 years.

Chinedu Amadi, Operations Director of Dukan Group, the parent company of CarXie Taxi Services said at the launch that CarXie has been designed to solve  local problems Nigerians face when planning trips.

He indicated that the company’s goal will be achieved through three partnership modules.

The partnership modules are: the executive partners, the state partners and the regional partners.

He further revealed that CarXie App is conceptualized with strong security features which makes it difficult for criminals to break into the car.

According to him, a rider is expected to issue his Bank Verification Number (BVN) as a means of social identification and that each vehicle is automatically tracked and voice chats are possible during rides.

“The driver and vehicle verification exercises are so thorough that they yield only courteous and comfortable service,” he added.

He mentioned that CarXie will reduce the amount Nigeria loses daily through capital flight to foreign cab companies.

“If we are forced by limited access to technology to be dependent on foreign airlines, there is no reason why we should depend on foreign cab companies for our intra/intercity rides.”

CarXie has equipped its drivers and cabs with state of the art technology to deliver timely and affordable services.

It allows drivers to use cars manufactured between 2008 to date.