Coca-Cola in contributing its quota to help fight a global environmental challenge will be embarking on a sanitation campaign called, “World Without Waste”.

The campaign, aims at recycling all plastic bottles as well as cans to help support a debris-free environment.

Speaking at the BarCamp Tema 2018 event,  Ernest Yeboah Obeng, a representative from Coca-Cola revealed that, the company aims at making all its packaging with an average of 50% recyclable by 2030.

This he said is to ensure a meaningful use of plastic waste, in every part of the world.

According to him, lovers benches,  concrete blocks, and roads will be paved out of the waste collected.

He mentioned that, in order to make the collection of the waste effective, the company will team with local communities, NGOs, industries, peers and consumers alike.

Where they will be trained on how to collect and recycle the waste collected.

He also revealed that, the company is currently working on building 50 reading clinics across Ghana.

This he said, is a way of giving back to society.

According to him, with Coca-Cola there is diversity, where women and young entrepreneurs, are empowered to do more in order to become responsible and successful individuals.

Barcamp Tema is an event organized by the GhanaThink Foundation, an organization based both in Ghana and the USA.

It has successfully organized about 83 BarCamps in Ghana as part of its Barcamp Ghana program.

The program seeks to promote partnerships that are directed towards providing support base for young entrepreneurs and innovators.

Report by: Stephanie Horsu