Servest Parking in partnership with First National Bank(FNB), have introduced an integrated card payment system for parking in Ghana.

Mike Clark, Director of Servest Parking says, the credit and debit card payment facility was initiated by FNB.

According to him, people can now use their Visa or MasterCard credit or debit cards to pay for their parking at Kotoka International Airport.

This he said, is the first for Servest in Ghana and the next step in a number of innovations, that it is planning for the parking market in the African continent.

Initially, many banks were reluctant to partake in the initiative but FNB realizing that it could help expand their market came on board.

According to the bank, there is no more hassle about change, receipts are also provided, payments are secure, and customers pay the same parking tariff with greater convenience.

However, according to Servest’s experience in the airport parking market, card payments for parking can exceed 50% of all transactions.

The value of parking transactions at airports is significantly higher than at other typical retail and commercial parking facilities.

This it says, makes the payment cost per transaction more viable for banks and is a more convenient way for customers to pay for their parking.

Report by: Stephanie Horsu