Diamond Bank has introduced an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chatbot in Nigeria aimed at reaching more customers with an enhanced service.

The Chatbot named ‘Ada’ uses the AI technology to provide a human-like interaction and personalised experience for its customers.

According to the bank, the chatbot would learn from past interactions, enabling it to offer more relevant and timely solutions to new and existing customers on Facebook Messenger and other messaging platforms.

The bank said Ada, would enable transactions such as airtime purchase, bill payments, stock trading, and money transfers via a social network platform.

The Chief Executive Officer, Diamond Bank, Uzoma Dozie, in a statement expressed how delighted he was about the technology.

“I believe data and technology have the power to transform Nigeria’s economy. So, I am excited to announce the launch of Diamond’s Artificial Intelligence-powered Chatbot named Ada,” he said.

He added that Ada will help digitalise the mobile banking process and create an increasingly customised mobile banking experience for their millions of customers.

He also said, “I am passionate about how Diamond can leverage technology to tap into Nigeria’s huge market, whereby a large segment of the population is under-banked or unbanked. Data-led technology can plug this gap, and expand financial inclusion on a rapid scale.”

According to him, it will also present another opportunity to deepen financial literacy and build trust and transparency in the ecosystem.