Digital Health Access (DHA) has launched its mobile app, to connect users with health professionals in Ghana and Uganda.

The e-health startup, connects users with doctors, pharmacists, nurses, lawyers and counsellors via private chats online.

With the launch of DHA’s mobile app, the startup aims to provide quicker and less costly consultations to users.

According to Co-founder and CEO, Hilda Asiimwe, “With Digital Health Access you consult specialists online, discuss your past medical history, submit your tests and make an appointment to see the contacted specialist.

“One can discuss multiple symptoms or conditions during a single consultation without needing to pay additional fees.”

She added that, “Tests can also be ordered by our specialists and the existing ones can also be discussed.

“Digital Health Access is dedicated to creating continuous digital health consultations and solutions that afford people the ability to receive world-class medical treatment without having to physically visit the clinic.”

Since Digital Health Access’ Co-founder Richmond Ampabeng Bediako is based in Ghana, the startup is pushing a dual market strategy for the app.

“We found it easy to launch in the two countries.

“However we have agents in other countries that we have presence in, for example the US, UK and Kenya, who are constantly adding consultants on the system and also conducting business on our behalf,” Asiimwe said.

The app already has over 500 downloads and DHA is in the process of raising $500,000 to help scale up its products.

Currently, DHA has 30 hospitals, five law firms and six counselling firms working on its platform for a monthly fee, consultations have come near to 100.

By: ClaraDoku/