A drone is said to have rescued two teenage swimmers in distress off the course of New South Wales in Australia.

However, it was reported that the drone spotted two teenagers in trouble around half-a-mile out from shore.

It then dropped a flotation device it carries for the purpose, to give them something to hang on to.

The drone’s pilot, a decorated veteran lifeguard for New South Wales, was able to get out to the swimmers’ position.

It therefore dropped the pod in a minute or two, which is at least a few minutes less than it would’ve taken to respond directly with actual flesh and blood lifeguards.

This training exercise was designed to get lifeguard staff familiar with the so-called “Little Ripper” drone, which is part of was the government’s plan to help mitigate the risk of shark attacks.

Its ability to save the swimmers was an accident, but a lucky accident that definitely helped prove its viability as part of the $16 million government program.