The operations of MultiChoice DSTV/GOTV in Nigeria will be coming to an end in June 2019 as their license would have expired by then.

According to a letter from the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation(NBC), the license issued to them in 2014 will not be renewed.

The NBC said, it is because it was not in line with Digital Switch Over (DSO) White Paper.

However they mentioned that, if Multichoice DSTV/GOTV will ever operate in Nigeria again after expiration of its license, the only option is for them to go to licensed Signal Distribution company, that is Pinnacle Communications Ltd or ITS.

Modibo Ishaq Kawu, Director General, National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC), also disclosed that all paid DTT operators including DSTV, GOtv and Star Times will be shut down by June 2019 unless they begin discussions with the two signal distributors, ITS and Pinnacle.

Speaking at a press conference in Abuja, Kawu said, that in preparation for full implementation of switchover from analogue to digital signals, all operators in the sector including signal distributors, content aggregator, Set-top Box manufacturers ought to be on the same page now.

This he said will help in delivering a seamless Digital Switch Over (DSO).

The NBC boss also said that in line with a Federal Government White paper, Multichoice who are the owners of DSTV and GOtv, as well as Star Times owned by the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), will no longer be able to operate as both signal distributor and content provider.

MultiChoice speaking on the issue said, it has complied with the regulatory requirements and applicable laws on TV broadcasting and that there is no reason why its licenses will not be renewed.

“GOtv is provided under a fully licenced and registered entity in Nigeria, and this license comes up for renewal in March 2019,” it said.

“As a law-abiding and committed Nigerian operator which has fulfilled (and continues to comply with) all regulatory requirements and applicable laws, it is not clear how or why this license would not be renewed, and as such the company will investigate further in the best interests of the many customers it serves in the market,” it added.

GOTV has been accused of being used as a conduit to siphon foreign exchange from Nigeria by its parent company, South African Multi Choice DSTV.