Elon Musk’s current venture is either incredibly genius or the result of some pretty strong hallucinogen.

His Boring Company aims to create giant tunnels that will contain traffic bearing platforms.

These platforms are meant to carry vehicles at speeds of up to 125mph, in theory.

Tunnels are planned for Los Angeles, Washington DC, and Chicago and that requires a lot of boring machines.

His latest boring machine has an extra feature: the ability to control it with an Xbox pad.

The “upgrade” announcement was made via Twitter with the tweet simply reading, “Best video game ever.” It makes everybody wonder why this has been done, or is it simply a case of why not?

The Xbox controller does pack in quite a few different types of control method including buttons, triggers, and thumbsticks.

It’s also very easy and cheap to buy new control pads, suggesting The Boring Company realized they could save some cash by embracing Microsoft’s controller.

Finally, teaching someone to control a machine using an Xbox pad is going to be easier than using a bespoke set of controls.

There’s a good chance new recruits have used the pad already.

Whatever the case, The Boring Company and Elon Musk have managed once again to grab some media attention and in the process reminded everyone underground transport tunnels are happening.