Deputy Minister for Transport, Hon. Daniel Titus-Glover

Deputy Minister for Transport, Daniel Titus-Glover has urged local assemblies to embrace technology in order to help manage their transport business effectively.

According to him, their inability to do so is the reason behind their fear of Uber and other Taxi-hailing companies taking over their business.

Mr. Titus-Glover said local assemblies could develop a system that will ensure that commercial drivers in every area can be traced by passenger.

He mentioned that just like Uber, such systems would ensure the safety of potential clients.

This he said would make going in for taxis a more convenient options.

“The distinction is the technological challenge…The local assemblies must take up the challenge.”

” The assemblies must up their game so that they be able to track all these vehicles of commercial taxi drivers within the jurisdiction of these assemblies,” he said.

According to him, the Ministry was determined to ensure that, relevant policies to regulate the larger transport industry are introduced.

He, therefore, called on the various local assemblies to take charge of processes to ensure that commercial drivers are able to match the competition presented by Uber and other taxi-hailing companies.