With technology taking over the world and trading becoming less sophisticated thanks to e-commerce, experts have suggested that nations need to take advantage of the revolution, to help drive economic growth and development.

Many have also suggested that government needs to play a vital role to speed up the process, whiles getting the public adequately informed on the benefits of such technological advancements.

Although many have decoded that e-commerce is a process very difficult to engage in, experts speaking to this issue at the recent ended TVADialogue indicated that e-commerce is a simplified trading process which needs to be acknowledged.

According to them, apps such as JUMIA, Tonaton, Kikuu, Zoobashop and the likes have come to make trading more convenient and safe.

Aside the convenience it offers, e-commerce has been identified as one of the simplest ways of creating more jobs and selling one’s products or services worldwide just by clicking a button.

In line with this, Mr Terence Adjei-Otchwemah, Business Analyst Dream Oval, during the discussion on how e-commerce is shaping the Ghanaian market place, encouraged Ghanaians especially entrepreneurs to engage more in it.

He also mentioned that, various countries in the world have adopted this convenient method of trading and are using these platforms to expand their services, and in a similar light, Ghanaians could fully partake in it by trusting and taking advantage of the system.

To help achieve this, he mentioned that there will be a need for governmental support and public education.

According to him, government should create a conducive environment to enable start-ups in e-commerce operate with information being accessible to all, to keep the public up to date with evolving trends.

He also emphasized that e-commerce should be normalized to get everyone involved as technology has already fused into the Ghanaian culture.

Adding up to the conversation, Mr. Earnest Onome Omoleme, the CEO of Jectre indicated that e-commerce is very essencial to developing countries as it connects local businesses to foreign clients and this can help boost the economy.

In terms of data security, he mentioned that clients need to ensure that any company they are shopping with has the potential to protect their data. Because without that, customers stand a risk of data breach- one of the sensitive problems most online firms are battling with.

He also entreated Ghanaians to take advantage of the digital revolution as a means of expanding their businesses.

He revealed that Jectre, is still giving entrepreneurs the platform to expand their business and increase their online presence through its 1000 Start-up campaign.

He entreated the public to sign up and get a well designed website, to help run their business for free.

However, the offer is available for only 1000 startups.

To be on the 1000 list, interested parties can sign up at http://builder.jectre.com/offers , visit Jectre.com/1K or call +233263923474, +233504986600 for further enquiries.