The European Union (EU), has made public its intention to intensely investigate the harvesting of personal data by Facebook.

However, Facebook in its quest to mend it’s damaged reputation, recently apologized to customers.

But according to EU, Facebook’s apology is not enough.

It therefore wants to join national authorities in investigating the collection of private data, claiming that the Facebook case is probably not isolated.

The Working Party 29, which acts as an umbrella group for the data protection authorities of EU nations, is to create a Social Media Working Group in a bid to develop united strategy and carry out investigations.

Andrea Jelinek, Chair of the Working Party 29 says, “While Cambridge Analytica and Facebook are on top of everyone’s mind we aim to cast our net wider and think long-term.”

The statement does not elaborate on the tactics the group plans to use.

Per reports, a new data privacy law will enter into force in the EU, on May 25.

It will however give Europeans the right to know what data is stored on them and the right to have it deleted.

She mentioned that, firms who break the new rules could be fined up to 4 percent of their annual turnover.