Facebook is being fined by Italian antitrust watchdog AGCM, for failing to comply with an order regarding the collection and usage of personal data.

A statement issued by AGCM indicated thay, Facebook had not heeded its request to properly inform users about the collection and use, for commercial reasons, of the data they release and could be fined up to EUR 5 million for “non-compliance”.

In 2018, Facebook was fined £5 million and required to publish an amending statement on the homepage of its website for Italy, on the Facebook app and on the personal page of each registered Italian user.

In its latest statement, the watched confirmed that Facebook removed the “it’s free and always will be!” tag line from its home page but failed to “adequately and immediately” inform consumers willing to register on the social network about the collection and use of their personal data for commercial purposes.

Facebook is also reported to have failed to publish the amending statement hence the fine.