Facebook is said to be testing “downvoting” a new feature that might be included in the app.

The downvoting feature being tested will give facebook users the opportunity to vote a comment down, once it is disliked.

It has been reported that with just a click, facebook users can downvote comments they don’t like.

On Thursday, various people took to Twitter to voice their surprise at a new feature spotted on the sprawling social media platform.

This has long been a feature on sites like Reddit, but Mark Zuckerberg Facebook’s CEO has always been adamant about refusing to add a “dislike” button to his service.

And yet, according to a thread on Reddit, a version of that button has made its way into some users’ accounts.

Facebook, when reached for comment, was quick to insist that this move does not presage the coming of a “dislike” button.

“We are not testing a dislike button,” a spokesperson said.

“We are exploring a feature for people to give us feedback about comments on public page posts. This is running for a small set of people in the U.S. only,” he added.

The company confirmed that only 5 percent of U.S. Android users are being presented with the downvote option.

Many Facebook users have been wondering if Facebook’s test could mean Mark Zuckerberg is willing to try a little structured negativity on his site.