Facebook Inc announced on Tuesday that users of the social network would be allowed to review businesses that advertise on its platform.

According to the company, advertisers who receive the most negative reviews could be banned.

The company said in a blog post that users of Facebook, can leave feedback for ads they have viewed in the ‘Ads Activity’ tab.

Businesses with the most negative feedback would then receive the information and be given the chance to improve their services.

However, if feedback does not improve, Facebook would then reduce the number of ads the business could run and eventually, ban the advertiser.

The move aims to put an end to advertisers that provide inaccurate shipping times or offer low quality goods or services.

According to Facebook, this will help hold businesses more accountable for the customer experience they provide.

This is one of many changes the company is implementing to enhance user experience.

Facebook believes the initiative will also enhance user engagement following the huge scandal it was caught in where a political consultancy improperly accessed millions of user’s data.

Report by: Clara Doku