Facebook has announced its intention to roll out a centralized system, to control user privacy and security.

This development is in response to the outcry over the way it handled the personal data of users.

According to Facebook, its new privacy settings will give users more control of their data.

The system, will allow users change their privacy settings from one place rather than going to roughly 20 separate sections.

The system will enable users control the personal information Facebook keeps on them.

And this includes their political preferences or interests, downloads and reviews of files of data Facebook has collected.

Facebook also will clarify the apps people are currently using, and the permissions they have to gather their information.

Facebook is said to have began the development of the centralized system last year.

It however, sped it up after revelations that Cambridge Analytica, improperly accessed information of 50 million Facebook users.

Erin Egan, Facebook’s chief privacy officer, said more work will be done to keep people informed about the privacy settings.

“We’ve heard loud and clear that privacy settings are hard to find, and we must do more to keep people informed,” he said.

Facebook lastweek said, it was halting its practice of allowing advertisers target ads using information from third-party data brokers.

As business-to-business companies can collect a vast range of details about  consumers like their shopping habits, health concerns and income range.

Source: New York Times