SIRIN LABS and Foxconn will be manufacturing FINNEY™, the world’s first blockchain-based smartphone.

According to Moshe Hogeg, Co-CEO, SIRIN LABS: “Bringing the first blockchain-based smartphone to market obligates us to partner with the very best in the market.”

The devices are embedded with ultra-secure cold storage crypto wallet.

This wallet will enable seamless and automatic token conversions for the use of different decentralized applications, without the hassle of obtaining the different tokens through an exchange, thus solving the complicated user experience.

The agreement will have FIH Mobile lead the original design and manufacturing of the phone with SIRIN LABS leading the development of the cold storage wallet hardware, and the SIRIN OS™.

Following the co-development, FIH Mobile will manufacture the FINNEY™ devices in its facilities.

SIRIN LABS, also developed SOLARIN, an ultra-secure mobile phone and is the first to develop FINNEY™, the first open source blockchain smartphone and all-in-one PC.




Secure P2P resource sharing

Built-in “cold storage” crypto wallet
Distributed Ledger Consensus
SIRIN LABS Cyber Protection suite:

Behavioral based Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

Blockchain based, full tampering proof

Physical security switch (for wallet protection)

Secured communications (VoIP, text, email)

Three-Factor authentication: Biometric, Lock Pattern, Behavioral


5.5 display

64GB internal storage and 6GB RAM

12MP Main camera and 13MP selfie camera