The Autism Ambassadors of Ghana led by Alice Mamaga Akosua Amoako, have introduced the first Android Autism App, to aid people living with Autism in West- Africa.

The initiative she said, is to mark their new partnership and commitment to the App which seeks to promote autism awareness, as well as help develop digital children living with autism.

The Autism App also, helps provides a helpline service for families of children living with Autism to get information from professionals on how to care for their children.

Additional, it provides a Picture Exchange Communication System for children living with Autism and an awareness platform for the society to learn more about Autism.

The App was launched, in preparation towards the World Autism day, which will be held on April 2, 2018.

Alice Mamaga commented that, it is high time society accepts children living with Autism and give them the adequate resources to help live an enabling life.

Regina Honu, the founder of Soronko Academy at the brief ceremony to commemorate the partnership also applauded her colleague for the initiative taken.

“This is a great and bold decision and initiative taken by my fellow social enterprise colleague.

We as Soronko academy are readily and ever ready to support great social ventures as such to promote children living with the disability, young social enterprise initiatives and Ghana as a whole.” she said.

She also mentioned that, she will work hand in hand with her team to endorse technologically inclined social initiatives.