In what is a first for Latin America (LatAm), fonYou has launched a white-label solution for mobile carriers to interact with and sell products to customers via Facebook Messenger.

Through fonYou’s offering, carriers gain a new channel through which their customers can easily buy top-ups and data bundles using an electronic payment capability built into Messenger, while also meeting all of Facebook’s regulatory requirements.

According to the GSMA, more than two-thirds of Latin Americans subscribe to mobile services, and the supporting mobile ecosystem is experiencing rapid innovation. For example, more than 80 per cent of mobile Internet users in Latin America already use IP messaging apps, making platforms such as Facebook Messenger a highly relevant and attractive distribution channel for carriers.

fonYou enables carriers to automate the distribution of products with AI-powered salesbots within Facebook Messenger. Mobile customers can purchase additional top-ups or data bundles with just one click within the app. After the payment is made, the carrier provisions the selected bundle instantly and automatically, providing a seamless experience to the user. 

“The ability for operators to interact over Messenger with their customers provides multiple benefits to both,” said Fernando Nunez Mendoza, CEO of fonYou.

“Operators gain the ability to instantly distribute additional services to customers on a platform they already know and trust. End-users, meanwhile, can easily purchase bundles via real-time interaction with the Messenger platform to ensure uninterrupted service. The feedback we’ve received from end-users has been very positive, as the service is easy to use and enables interaction with the service provider without requiring a trip to a physical location.”

This service also generates a record of each interaction with the mobile customer, which allows carriers to analyze the results to glean technical, experiential and conversion information. Additionally, fonYou’s offering provides a new channel for operators to improve customer engagement, control end-to-end customer experience and generate additional revenue.