Ford in partnership with Beaumont Health in Michiganbe is launching an on-demand transportation service to speed up patient appointments.

The transportation service dubbed GoRide, has 15 transit vans to accommodate people with varying needs.

It can accommodate people with wheelchairs, as it has a wheelchair lift and flexible seats that can flip up.

According to Ford, it plans to have 60 vans, all driven by trained professionals, as part of GoRide’s services.

Ford Mobility Business Group VP Marion Harris said, there’s no excuse for the fact that many people have trouble making it to their medical appointments.

He said by merging their expertise in vehicles, technology and human-centered design, they have created a high-touch, patient-focused service that truly understands patient needs.

“Our service is focused on multiple social determinants of health, and delivers the quality of care and on-time certainty that medical facilities need in order to reduce wait times,” he said.

He added that, the average wait time for on-demand pick-ups for those needing wheelchair transport was between 10 to 30 minutes.

Report by: Stephanie Horsu