The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Ghana Telecommunications Chamber, Ken Ashigbey, has called on government to relook its decision of banning mobile phones in Senior High Schools.

According to him, the technological growth of the world is enough reason for the Ghana Education Service (GES) to allow students use phones in schools.

Speaking at the 88th Speech and Prize Giving Day of St. Augustine’s College he made mention that, “Students are confronted by a global village and as such opportunities that are available in Ghana can also be accessed by students in India, China and across the globe, so they too can take advantage of the opportunities available globally.”

He explained that, although they have looked into the policy of GES that bans mobile phone usage in schools, the service needs to bear in mind that mobile technology and digitization is now defining the future.

He indicated that, although the mobile phones can be used for good and evil, the difference lies in how the tool is used to benefit society.

However, in response to Mr Ashigbey’s call, the Metropolitan Archbishop of the Catholic Archdiocese of Cape Coast, His Grace, Most Rev Mathias Kobina Nketsia said students must be exposed to technology cautiously.

According to him, technology without character, ethical and moral formation is very dangerous.

“Technology must be guided and informed by spiritual, ethical and moral technologies, otherwise; we shall sink…Let us have the technology but like I said, let the technology be informed by ethical, moral and spiritual information,” he said.

Contrarily, ban of mobile phones in SHS, according to GES is to enable students concentrate on their studies, as students spend more time on social media than their books when allowed to use the gadget.