Rex Omar, the Chairman of Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO), has specified the organization’s resolve to handle companies that owe them royalties.

According to him, GHAMRO is in active suit against three Mobile Network Operators (MNOs): MTN, Vodafone and Airtel Tigo for copyright infringement and seek damages in the form of royalties owed.

“GHAMRO sued these telecommunication giants for copyright infringement. Since the case is in court, I am hesitant to get into the specific claims against them. But GHAMRO is hopeful to emerge victorious in this legal tussle,” he said.

The suit was filed in 2017 when GHAMRO accused the MNOs of not paying the musicians’ intellectual property (IP) rights when they promoted their products with songs.

The musical works under contention were used as caller tunes, music apps, downloads, etc.

Rex Omar, speaking at a press briefing at the Copyright Office, cautioned all commercial music users including pubs, restaurants, hairdressing salons and barbering shops, supermarkets, shopping malls, and media houses to comply with the directions from GHAMRO.

The Ghana Music Right Organization (GHAMRO) was established under Section 49 of the Copyright Law, Act 690 of 2005 and regulated under Copyright Regulation, L.I. 1962 of 2010.

It mostly serves to amass and allocate royalties accruing to authors and owners of copyright and neighboring rights.