Rural Telephony uses the custom RuralStar Technology
Rural Telephony project uses the custom RuralStar Technology

The Government Of Ghana through the Ghana Investment Fund for Electronic Communications (GIFEC) has constructed 1003 rural telephone sites under the Rural Telephone and Digital Inclusion Project.

According to Minister of Finance, Ken Ofori-Atta, this project would help extend aerial fiber coverage by 1,300km as a backhaul to rural communities.

In addressing the house of parliament, during the reading of the 2023 Budget Statement and Government economic Policy, the minister further indicated that this project has benefitted 1,353 rural communities. Thus, residents of these communities can now make calls and use the internet via their mobile phones, thereby opening huge possibilities for social and economic activities.

The minister further explained that this project would improve the quality of service and customer experience of residents in these areas.

To promote safety and streamline operations, citizens, businesses, governmental organizations, and emergency service personnel require access to dependable connectivity.

The Ghana Rural Telephony and Digital Inclusion Project, the government’s rural telephony project, will add 700 new sites for voice and data services next year to further that goal.

The government is taking this action to provide 4,000 rural communities with dependable, affordable, and secure broadband infrastructure.