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Ghana Grooming Engineers: Single Phase Traffic Light Invented!

Ghana has added a new innovation to its collection, with the introduction of a “Single Phase Traffic Light” by a KNUST student.

KNUST (Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology) recently seem to be grooming engineers who come up with innovations to help solve societal problems right before and after college.

Their knack to contribute their quota in developing society seem to have triggered their innovative ideas.

And a current one is the single phase traffic light by Bruce Christopher Konu a final year Physics student, of the school.

According to Bruce, he has been working  extremely hard to help build and repair traffic lights in a cost-effective manner.

He mentioned that he realized that anytime a traffic light gets faulty, it eventually meant repairing almost all the phases.

But with his knowledge on LEDs, he felt  the normal could be changed and thus the single phase traffic light ideology.

“When the traffic light run into trouble you have to go through the trouble to repair all the phases so I contacted my supervisors, Dr Reuben Tamakloe and Dr Michael Donkor and informed them of LEDs which give off all the three colours,” he said.

The Innovation

He explained that the single phase traffic light gives off all 3 colour signals that is red, yellow and green from one source and as such a malfunction would mean changing just one instead of all three phases.

This according to him meant a reduction in the production and maintenance of traffic lights in the country, and as such he went ahead with help from his lecturers.

He narrated that, the operation of the signal phase traffic light is based on the RGB color model which represents the initials of three primary colours; red, green, and blue.

The lights are then fused together in various ways to reproduce a broad array of colours.

According to him, the light is equipped with a GSM chip which reports the status of the machine; making it possible to use your phone to shut it down or power it up from any part of the world.