Ghana Job Bank today, has outdoored Ex President J. A Kufour as their patron and chairman.

The event, took place at his residence near the Regent Hotel.

Ex President Kufour expressed how elated he was about being a member of the Bank.

He mentioned that, the initiative will offer entrepreneurship service programs to graduates of tertiary institution, which will equip them with the necessary skills.

He added that the skills acquired through the training, will enable graduates start up new businesses on their own.

According to him, students who are still in tertiary institutions will also have internship and apprenticeship opportunities.

He however requested the leadership of tertiary institutions, to design courses that will be relevant to job creation as ICT is permeating all aspects of life.

According to Ex President Kufour, unemployment issues usually has severe effects on individuals.

“There are serious economic and emotional effects of unemployment, and it does not side well for our country when we have such high number of youth unemployed,” he said.

He however, explained that most thriving economies have their youth playing an important role.

According to him, if the youth are performing well senior citizens will be assured that Ghana will be in safe hands even if they are no more.