A recent report on the Ghanaian Mobile Sector by Africa’s leading e-commerce company Jumia has revealed that Ghana is one of Africa’s largest mobile markets, with about 34.57 million subscribers and a penetration rate of 119%.

The report further revealed that there are 10.11million active internet users in Ghana meaning nearly ? of the country’s population have access to internet.

The report also shows that in 2017, 75% of Ghanaians preferred the cash on delivery option, compared to 5% & 25% for credit/debit cards and mobile money options respectively.

Speaking at the launch of the report in Accra on Wednesday, Mr. Ore Odusanya, CO-CEO of Jumia Ghana said ‘’With such a relatively high use of the internet in Ghana, it is no surprise that smartphones are so popular. Popular brands such as Samsung, Nokia, Techno, Apple, and Blackberry have successfully carved a niche for themselves in the Ghanaian mobile market. The main catalysts for this rise in the number of people with access to mobile phones and internet usage have been attributed to the recent push for telecommunication companies to expand their network coverage, the availability of cheap smartphones from China, and a robust legal regime’’.

This year, the stage is set once again for the biggest sale of mobile phones, beginning March 19th through 25th. This is a mobile-phone-only-week-long sales event dedicated to opening up our customers to a wide range of mobile devices at up to 80% discounts off the regular prices.

‘’Mobile phones have impacted every aspect of life. From the time we wake up with the alarm, to breakfast, checking calories, making PowerPoint presentations for work and many other activities are now done with our mobile devices. Our personal, professional and social lives are all made convenient by mobile phones. They have impacted Ghanaian businesses so much that, it is almost impossible to go through the entire business process without using your mobile phone,’’ noted Mr. Ajit Jain, Country Manager, Operations (Fero Mobile)

The 2018 Mobile Report launch which was held in Accra, also had other Telecom & IT experts from MTN; as well as a host of Jumia brand partners, such as Huawei, Infinix, Fero and Tecno in attendance.

Full report can be found on www.jumia.com.gh from Monday 19th March 2018.