Ghana Mobile Congress has commenced its much anticipated one month event aimed at connecting Ghana to Africa, to create sustainable jobs in Mobile, Internet and Technology.

The event which commenced yesterday November 29, is expected to end on December 29, 2018.

The theme for the one (1) month event that will provide insights into Mobile, Internet and Technology is ‘Connecting Africa to Create Jobs.

It will showcase current and future Mobile related technological developments to connect Ghana to Create Jobs by existing industry players and awarding start-ups nationwide with such mission.

Industry players which include Infrastructure providers, Mobile operators, Hand set manufacturers, Distributors & retailers, Content & applications providers, Manufacturing technology, Other service & product providers and Start-ups will Connect, Create, Innovate and provide opportunities for next generation services and open new vistas of growth to Create Jobs.

Delegates, participants and the world at large will be given the platform to promote and network their new or existing businesses as well as find employment creation opportunities in ICT and other sectors of the economy.

As part of the event, there will be discussion forums on Jobs Creation, Technology, Policies, Business Opportunities and Digital Life by the Media, Government & regulators, Executive & judiciary arms, Ministers of state, Membersof parliament, Ministries, Departments, Agencies(MDAs), Metropolis, Municipals, Districts, Assemblies(MMDAs), Country’s representatives, Investors, Consultants, Entrepreneurs, SMEs, Executives, Business sector giants, Academicians, Associations, Not-For-Profit organizations, Civil societies, Policy makers, Opinion leaders, Exhibitors, Lecturers, Students, Religious leaders, Traditional rulers, Special invited guests, General public, Shopping & Public centres and many others.

GMC-2018 development objectives include, connecting Ghanaian industry players in mobile, internet and technology to the African market to create sustainable employment opportunities.

Thus, showcasing skills, new products, technologies for Africa and global market.

The event will recognize ten (10) Job Creation Start-ups with new innovations and initiatives nationwide.

It will also establish a Job Creation Foundation platform for the promotion of job creation, network organisation, people and resources for sustainable employment in ICT and other sectors of the economy.

GMC 2018 will outline Government’s policies in making Ghana a strong definitive voice in Africa’s mobile, internet, technology to create business opportunities.

The venues for the one (1) month Ghana Mobile Congress 2018 activities are:
Advanced Information Technology Institute (AITI) – Ghana-India Kofi Annan Center for Excellence,Circle Mall, Accra Digital Centre and other selected venues nationwide.