The Ghana Mobile Conference 2018 (GMC2018), aimed at connecting Africans in creating millions of jobs is set to be officially launched on November 29, 2018.
The event which seeks to connect the world and put Ghana on the Global Map will also bring together people around the globe through its Trade Shows, exhibitions, Conferences and Start-ups Awards.
The event will connect Ghanaian start-ups in mobile related technological developments and the ICT domain to the African market to create jobs.
It will outline government’s policies in making Ghana a strong definitive voice in Africa’s communication forum to create business opportunities.
At GMC2018, there will also be a showcase of skills, new products and technologies for Africa and the global market.

The event will discuss innovations, business opportunities and unique challenges facing Ghana and Africa.

It will present a platform which will provide insights into the current and future mobile related technological developments, next-generation services and open new vistas of growth to create jobs.

During the event, panels and discussion forums aimed at addressing Jobs creation, Technology, Policies, Business Opportunities and Digital Life will be created.

The event will also see the launch of the JOB CREATION FOUNDATION which will continue its advocacy programs throughout the year with the sole aim of creating over one million jobs for Ghana and Africa as a whole.

GMC2018, under the dynamic chairmanship of Dr Ezer Yeboah –Boateng, Dean of Computing &information systems of Ghana Technology University College, and organizers of the event, BizGroNet , is a must-attend event for all business start-ups, entrepreneurs and all who desire a future in the ICT domain to connect, network and tap into the wide opportunities that this event presents.