Africa is set to use Information Communication Technology (ICT) to create job opportunities for millions across the continent in the internet and mobile communication sectors.

The GMC2018 edition dubbed, ‘Connecting Africa to Create Jobs’ will be officially launched to the public on the 29th November, 2018 in Accra- Ghana.

After this, other Trade Shows, exhibitions, Conferences and Start-ups Awards activities will run concurrently across the regions of the country at selected venues till the 29th of December, 2018.

The GMC2018, organized by BizGroNet, will not only create job opportunities but will also bring people around the globe together through its Trade Shows, exhibitions, Conferences and Start-ups Awards.

This event will explore innovations, business opportunities and unique challenges facing Ghana and Africa.

It will also present a platform to provide insights into the current and future mobile related technological developments, next generation services and open new vistas of growth to create jobs.

It will connect, create, innovate and provide opportunities for delegates and participants from Government, ICT Industries, start-ups, Entrepreneurs, SMEs and the world at large in the mobile, internet and Technology industry.

Some highlights of the event will be the creation of various panels and discussion forums aimed at addressing several topics on five general categories to include Jobs creation, Technology, Policies, Business Opportunities and Digital Life.

The event will also see the launch of the Job Creation Foundation, which will continue its advocacy programs throughout the year with the sole aim of creating over one million jobs for Ghana and Africa as a whole.