Commissioner of Police (COP) Mr Ken Yeboah, Ashanti Regional Police Commander has revealed that the Ghana Police Service will be providing Information Communication and Technology (ICT) training for its personnel.

The move he said, is to properly equip them to fight cyber-crimes in the country.

The training programme which centres on the theme ‘cyber policing, a must for Ghana’s security’ is being organised by Jans College, a computer and cyber security training school in Kumasi.

According to him, it is high time personnel had timely access to information through the use of advanced technology to locate and counter the activities of criminals.

He said the police service was working to ensure that every personnel had basic knowledge on ICT to aid effective policing, in communities.

Mr Emmanuel Adinkra, the head of Information Technology Service of the Christian Service University College (CSUC) in Kumasi, said it was important for police personnel to be smatter in the use of technology to fight crimes.

He said cyber-crime was complex and complicated and required a timeless technological efforts on the part of the police service to combat it.

He also advised the police to be careful when using social media in order not to be tracked by criminals.

Report by: Stephanie Horsu