Ghana Post Company has commenced its nationwide digital address embossment exercise across Ghana.

The exercise includes the tagging of buildings and the generation of digital addresses for houses.

According to the Ghana Post Company, individuals who might need assistance in relation to the exercise would have to contact the nearest post office in the vicinity or call 0579579100.

However, the Head of Corporate Communications of Ghana Post, Kobi Hemaa Osisiadan-Bekoe, mentioned that the company’s field agents are moving from house to house with valid Identification cards and branded Ghana Post GPs costumes for the exercise.

The field agents according to him, are required to generate digital addresses for everyone and tag properties for individuals and organizations upon request.

He indicated that the generation of the digital address is free, but tagging of properties attracts a fee.

The cost per residential building is GHc50 and Ghc100  for commercial buildings.

The Digital Address system would help provide an effective means of addressing every location and property to facilitate the implementation of key government policies and business transactions.

Ghana Post has therefore encouraged citizens who have not yet generated digital address for their homes and offices to do so.

As the tagging of properties would help enhance visibility and identification.

It will also enable business and service providers to locate customers easily.

The digital address according to government is a requirement to acquire a national ID card, and as such every individual needs to acquire his.